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Francis Francis X7 Espresso Machine for Easy Serving Espresso and Ground CoffeeThere is an owner enthusiasm surrounding the FrancisFrancis! line of espresso machines from Illy that’s difficult to describe. Not quite a cult following, but more a deep appreciation of a quality, reliable Italian product that’s fun to use and aesthetically pleasing, all from a company that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Like the popular X1 and X3 models, the X7 is the work of Italian designer/architect Luca Trazzi, and appeals to those who seek a full-functioned semi-automatic pump espresso maker without sacrificing unique artistic design.

FrancisFrancis! X7Owners appreciate the superb quality of the espresso produced by this machine, ample crema, and easy cleanup. The X7 uses Illy’s patented “Iperespresso” system. According to the company, the extraction process has two phases: The emulsion yields a dense and persistent crema while “the hyper-infusion extracts the coffee, exalting all aromas.” Espresso made with the Iperespresso system is ejected directly in the cup, without contact with the machine, resulting in minimum cleanup and maintenance. The bottom line among owners is that the unit consistently delivers superior, rich espresso.

The X7 drew the attention of an enthusiastic Time Magazine review: “I tried the machine for a week and have to concur; it did, indeed, produce perfect shots. Simply, cleanly and with no fuss–complete with a thick layer of crema atop the espresso.”

The X7 has a unique, two-stage process: First, hot water is injected into a chamber and infuses the coffee grounds until the unit reaches the proper pressure, then a valve opens, and a jet of espresso is produced.

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The X7 delivers 15 bars of pressure in its brass boiler, and owners of this model were pleased with the effectiveness and ease of use of the built-in steam frothing/foaming wand. One downside to the X7 — it’s more expensive than comparable units. But it’s hard not to like a well-performing, easty-to-use unit like this that is also so pleasing on the eyes. Highly recommended.

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