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Garmin nuvi 360, 370: REVIEW | Rated4Stars

Garmin nuvi 360, 370: REVIEW


When you get it right, you get it right, and Garmin really got it right with the nüvi 360, the successor to the popular and highly-rated nüvi 350. It’s not often that we award a 5-star rating, but the nuvi 360 has achieved a sensible yet powerful blend of features and implemented them masterfully. In addition, the nuvi is as portable as GPS units in this league get, and a real looker at that. The 360 inherits all of the 350’s features and adds Bluetooth capability.


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(The 370 is identical to the 360 but includes preloaded maps for both North America and Europe and comes with the FM traffic receiver included.) Owners of the 350 had longed for Bluetooth, and now the wait is over. If you have a Bluetooth-enabled phone, the nuvi 360 functions as a wireless speakerphone, allowing you to place and receive calls through the unit. If you receive a call, Caller ID information appears right on your nuvi’s screen, a welcome safety feature keeping eyes forward, not fumbling for your handset. In addition, Garmin has nicely integrated the nuvi’s own points of interest (POI) database with the Bluetooth features. If you find a nearby hotel or restaurant on your nuvi, simply press “Call” and the nuvi will place the call right through your Bluetooth-connected phone. With its nuvi series Garmin has taken its blending of form and function to a new level, offering an elegant yet essential travel tool to the traveler. Like the 350, the slim 5-ounce nüvi 360 is sure to find its niche among frequent travelers who may find themselves finding their way through heavy traffic in Chicago on Tuesday and navigating the narrow sidewalks of Rome on Wednesday, with access to a spoken Italian Language Guide to boot (along with 8 other languages) along your stroll. The 360 earned PC Magazine’s prestigious “Editor’s Choice” rating. In its review, PC Magazine states, “The nüvi 360 is a winner. And for those who already have Bluetooth-enabled phones, or are planning to get one soon, the nüvi 360 is definitely a good thing.” 

Like the 350, the nüvi 360 sports Garmin’s top-end GPS features, such as a brilliant touch screen, pre-loaded maps for North America, turn-by-turn directions, “text-to-speech” which reads


Feature-rich & very portable, versatile

Ideal for frequent or international travel with additional “Travel Kit” feature



Subscription required for traffic features; some “Travel Kit” features require additional cost


street names out loud when announcing turns, and compatibility with the optional GTM10 traffic receiver for live traffic updates and automatic rerouting. It also uses the next-generation SiRFstar III GPS module which significantly improves reception and reduces the time for the unit to establish a satellite fix to calculate your position.
The preloaded City Navigator NT v.7 maps contain detailed road maps throughout the entire United States, Canada, & Puerto Rico.The unit is compatible with Garmin’s City Select map road maps, meaning that if your travels take you to Europe, South Africa, Australia, etc., you can purchase and download those maps to your unit. The nüvi’s “Travel Kit” distinguishes it from standard GPS units, and includes the Language Guide mentioned above, a Travel Guide, which includes detailed information on points of interest (POIs), an MP3 player, an audio book player, a picture viewer, an SD card slot, and other tools, including a world clock, and converters for currency, temperature, measurements, etc.
The nuvi weighs only 5.1 ounces and measures just 3.87 x 2.91 x 0.87 inches (WxHxD), making it small enough for the pocket or purse. Its size isn’t a detriment to screen readability as its bright, 64,000-color display has a sharp and very readable resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. The nuvi includes an SD memory card slot for expansion software, such as a points of interest database, media files and electronic guides.
With the nüvi, Garmin has defined a new niche in the GPS category. st drawback is likely to be price. With the nüvi, Garmin has defined a new niche in the GPS category.

If Apple’s iPod has taught us anything, nüvi’s superb implementation and good looks would seem to ensure it will be a hit. Like the 350, owners’ reviews of the 360 have been “over the top” with delight and not just because of its good looks. One of the key attributes cited by owners is the great speed with which the nüvi finds and holds a satellite lock, thanks to the superior next-generation SiRF chip set inside. Not only do its aesthetic and technical merits impress us, we find it exceptionally easy to use and easy to see, sporting a bright and very readable screen. The only consistent downside we’ve seen owners express is the unit’s price, but it appears that the financial sting is soon forgotten a few miles down the road with nüvi at the helm. [Full Review: 21 August 2006 © 2006 Rated4Stars.com; Updated: 8 October 2007]


Key Features at a Glance
nuvi 350
nuvi 360
nuvi 370
Ready to Use Out of the Box?

North America (including Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska, Canada)

North America (including Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska, Canada)

North America (including Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska, Canada) PLUS Europe
Spoken, Turn-by-Turn Directions?
Text-to-Speech? (Announces Street Names)
Voice Recognition?
Multi-Destination Routing?

MP3/Audio Player?

Live Traffic/Weather?

Receiver Not Included

Receiver Not Included

FM TMC Receiver Included
Suitable for Offroad Use?
Limited map coverage
Limited map coverage
Limited map coverage
(internal battery)
Other Features:
Photo viewer, “Where am I?” Safety Feature, travel features
Photo viewer, “Where am I?” Safety Feature, travel features
Photo viewer, “Where am I?” Safety Feature, travel features



Additional Specifications
Weight 5.1 ounces (144.6 g)
Dimensions 3.87"W x 2.91"H x .87"D (9.83 x 7.39 x 2.21 cm)
Screen 2.8"W x 2.1"H (7.2 x 5.4 cm); 3.5" diag (8.9 cm)
 WxH: 320 x 240 pixels
QVGA color TFT with white backlight
Chipset SiRF Star III with 20-channel all-in-view; WAAS
In the Box nüvi 350/360/370, Preloaded City Navigator® NT for North America (plus Europe on 370 model), AC charger, FM traffic receiver with vehicle power cable (370 model), Vehicle suction cup mount*, Dashboard disc, USB cable, Quick start manual
Warranty One Year Limited Warranty

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